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Anina Gerchick




Anina Gerchick is a painter, landscape architect and public installation artist whose work explores experiences of illusionistic and physical space. Her work fuses these disciplines in designs for public art that combine ecological functionality and enhancement of urban public space with the aesthetic directions of her paintings. Gerchick paints scenes of psychological reverie and transformation as well as images of people and other species occupying built and imagined environments.

Working primarily with oil paint– on surfaces ranging from copper to canvas to wood, Gerchick wields technical craftsmanship from painting’s historic highpoints. With lush romantic light effects, illusionistic spaces, direct brushwork Gerchick creates a contemporary experience of painting that defies the restrictions and proscriptions of the 20th and 21st century art worlds. Recently, using the digital graphic tools she employs to render landscape architecture projects, Gerchick creates digital 3d mixed media riffs on her paintings that become a compelling aspect of her visual art production.

Gerchick has exhibited in New York City at chashama 126, The Kitchen, The Last Brucennial, Durst spaces,  Woodward and other galleries. Her public art projects have openings scheduled for 2018 at two New York City sites, including the Sara D. Roosevelt Park on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Contact : aninagerchick@gmail.com

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